Play the Joyful Mystery Games

The Joyful Mystery Games

Serving God is a lot like a game – you have to overcome the challenges if you want to win the game and get to Heaven. It helps if you know what the rules of that game are, and what to expect when you play. The Joyful Mysteries are part one of God revealing to us, through Scripture and Prayer, what we can expect when we set out to serve Him. To show you what I mean, here are 5 games you can play (or teach your kids to play) that will help you understand the messages of each mystery. Continue reading

The Rosary Awareness Mission

The Rosary Awareness Mission Begins

It’s time to get serious about doing battle with the forces opposed to the Catholic Church. The best way, the only way, to fight this battle is to use the one weapon they aren’t equipped to oppose – The Rosary. Yes, they can mock it and they can deride it, but they cannot fight or hide from it. They simply aren’t equipped to do so. Continue reading